Copyright 2010 by Teays Valley Strings Teays Valley Strings Mission Statement Teays Valley Strings is a non-profit organization with a board of advisors that was started in January, 2006. The purpose of this program is to give students in Putnam County an opportunity to learn to play string instruments, including violins, cello and violas. There is substantial evidence that exposure to music helps to increase intelligence, develops better coordination skills, and enhances creativity. The Teays Valley Strings program emphasizes learning music of other cultures and students are provided with books containing pieces from many countries. Based at West Teays Elementary School, this program serves approximately 20 students in grades one through five from several Putnam County Schools. There is a program at Hurricane Middle School and a program was started at George Washington Elementary in 2010. Students from all schools are welcome to enroll. Instruction takes place after school four days a week and is provided at no cost to the student. Instruments and music book are also provided at no cost. In general, students select two days per week to participate in one-on- one and group instruction. Apart from regular instruction, activities have included performances at West Teays Elementary, Putnam County Library, Lakeside Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, Charleston Civic Center, and local retirement homes. The director is a volunteer who works with the students four days a week. A limited number of instruments are owned by West Teays Elementary School, Teays Valley Strings, and the director. Additional funding is needed for more instruments, repairs, and educational supplies. Organizations and individuals who would like to contribute, should make checks payable to Teays Valley Strings and give or mail them to the following: Teays Valley Strings Dr. Frederick Meyer 808 Echo Road South Charleston, WV 25303 Teays Valley Strings Dr. Frederick Meyer 808 Echo Road South Charleston, WV 25303